Why Does California Have So Many Wildfires?


Effects of Global Warming

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Why Does California Have So Many Wildfires?
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Effects of Global Warming are taking a toll on earth and our human life. Thousands are dying every day due to global warming in the earth. Something needs to be done by us as soon as possible so we can put a stop to all the harm our land. Temperatures are anticipated to rise 1.5 degrees in the next 20 years. It is a known fact that it has been the warmest on record for the last 7 years. Global warming causes many natural disasters, as time goes the pollution increases causing many effects, some of the affects are extreme heat which can cause: skin burns, tsunamis which can cause major damage to homes and schools, and oxygen which is getting smaller because of the way we treat earth.

Extreme heat is not just hot but can make your body work twice as hard to keep a normal body temperature. It can also cause fires and heat stokes. Extreme heat can also cause firesFires often occur in California. From 2011 to 2020, there were an average of 62,805 wildfires annually and an average of 7.5 million acres impacted annually. In 2020, 58,950 wildfires burned 10.1 million acres, the second-most acreage impacted in a year since 1960; nearly 40% of these acres were in California. (Wildfire Statistics, 2021). The fires are so hot you can feel it from miles away. Wildfires are occurring more because of drought, and because of this the soil has no moisture, which is drying out vegetation and making it more prone to combustion. (Pierre-Louis & Schwartz, 2021)

Heat strokes are caused because of global warming. The heat is too strong for some animals. The heat can also cause severe skin burns. Fire is even more dangerous because of what we humans are doing to the earth. These fires are so strong that creeks are getting set on fire. In areas with very dry fuels, all you need is a spark.  Our earth is in danger because of how much fires are happening.

Tsunamis can cause death and injuries to many people and animals. Tsunamis happen because of shifts in the ocean floor. Tsunamis often occur in the Pacific and Indonesian ocean. They recently occurred in the Mediterranean Sea Most people who survive were calm during the tsunamis. The aftermath is the most depressing sight because after the tsunami, buildings, houses, and schools would be destroyed. They also destroy trees and vehicles. Tsunamis are really dangerous and it is also an effect of global warming. It turns out that tsunamis happen only twice a year. A wide deadly tsunami happens every 15 years.

Air pollution causes respiratory and other deadly diseases. Our oxygen supply is really low   because trees give us oxygen but we cut down trees. Cutting down trees means that carbon-dioxide is coming in our air. Pollution can be terrible for our health causing diseases. My Grandparents told me that pollution these days are far worse than when they were little. Humans are the major cause of pollution on the earth. Pollution is also in the air because of factories. We are polluting the earth by using cars and letting of smoke in our air.

Many natural disasters happen because of global warming, as time goes, we get more effects of global effects of global warming and because of this, farmers must work twice as hard to provide food for the food markets.  Life is going to get harder and harder every day if we don’t put a stop to pollution. We can put a stop to pollution by recycling and doing beach cleanups so we don’t have so much pollution.








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