The role of the internal and external auditors

The role of the internal and external auditors

The internal type of audit is mainly designed to look after the main risks the businesses face and how the businesses are capable of managing the risks effectively. It mainly results in recommending improved conditions across various departments. The financial and the non-financial departments (Al Kaabi et al. 2021), both the elements are usually incorporated, and the reputation of a company is a vital factor that they should assess very carefully. The external type of audit has focused on the case of financing and the risks associated with the business in financial matter moves. These auditors usually have their performance on at least the basis for annual reasons to the statutory form of audit for the accounts of the financial statements. The audit should be designed to show that the accounts obsessed for a proper and fair form of the reflection of the place where the company financially stands. The auditors externally should evaluate the internal controls put into place for managing the risks of the financial conditions to assess that they are working effectively. To work in auditing, there are always various challenges faced. Even if deciding to work in an auditing sector, people opt for internal roles rather than externally. 

External Auditors rules to work as Internal Auditors

The ISA helps to address the responsibilities of the external type of auditors to consider the use of the internal auditors for providing immediate step of assistance which comes under the direction, the required supervision and also helps to review the responsibility of the auditors. The external form of the auditor has mainly prohibited the laws or regulations obtained by direct assistance from the internal auditors. Suppose the external audits plan to use the internal type of auditors for assisting indirectly upon the audit. In that case, the external audit needs to evaluate the existence and significance of the threats that have objective and a level for the competency of the auditors working internally to provide this assistance.  The auditors working externally should evaluate the existence and significance of the threats provided to the ones involved in internal auditing.

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The role of the internal and external auditors
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The external types of auditors mainly have the aims and objectives for inquiring of the internal type of auditors, which works in favor of the interests and the relationships. The auditors working externally should never possess the use of an internal auditor to provide a direct form of assistance if and only:

  • There are certain types of threats to the objectives and goals of the internal auditors (ALBAWWAT et al. 2021)
  • The internal auditor provides a lack of sufficiency to be competent for performing the proposed type of work. 

To determine the nature and extension of the work, the case should be assigned to the internal auditors. Apart from these the type, the required period and also the direction extent, they should do the work under supervision, and they should do proper reviews for the circumstances the external should always consider the following objectives-

  • The quantity of the judgment involved in this case
  • The risks that are assessed in  the misstatements of the materials subject
  • The auditor works externally to evaluate the existing threat and supervises them in a formal way to the workings with a proper way of assessment. 


The definition of professional judgment

It is a type of behavior that is required to make proper decisions, the analyzing way or the required evaluations based on the knowledge, the skills used, the formulas for training or possessing the experiences faced by an auditor. According to the standards, specific laws and regulations or definite principles apply to the frameworks reported to the financial cases. ISA 200 (Kivioja et al. 2021) describes the judgment with an explanation of the professionalism as The application has been put towards the relevance of training, the knowledge involved, and also the experiences which are included within the contexts of auditing, the accounts form, and also the standards of ethics. All this makes to the decisions about the course of action that are appropriate in the circumstance of the engagement of the audit. 

Whereas the concept of professional skepticism (Khan et al. 2021) is the attitude for the curious form of mind and the performance for the question basis upon the evidence of the audit is intuitively responsible for the sufficient and appropriate concepts, the knowledge about professional judgment is the main application of the knowledge, skills and the purpose for the training of the employees. This training is done for auditing and accounting to get thoroughly informed about the need for decisions and the matter to decide upon the factors for responding to a particular type of situation for the audit.   

The vital aspect of an audit is for enhancing the level of confidence for the users who are intended to the users with the financial statements. All this has been achieved by expressing an auditor’s opinion on the required financial paper statements, which are prepared in all the respects of the materials. This works following the application of the frameworks for the reports of finance. For most cases of the general purposes, the opinion is given on the related subjects. The complete audit is to conduct with PSA and the relevant requirements for the ethical perspectives enabling the auditor upon the opinion.   

The financial cases to subject the form of audit are mainly due to certain entities. These are presented and prepared by the entity’s management system with the sightedness which are charged for the governance. The PSA will not impose the responsibilities on the management form or those charged with the government. These do not override the required laws and regulations, which help in governing the responsibilities. The auditing works according to the PSA, which has been on the premise that the management section works. These are variably charged with the governance that has responsibilities that are fundamentally a way to conduct the audit. The primary audit (Chen et al. 2021) for the statements of the financial cases mainly does not relieve for managing or charging under the governance of specific needs.   

The concept of the professional skepticism

The auditor should always complete an audit through the professional form of skepticism with the proper planning and performance chart (Holzman et al., 2021). It also recognizes the existing circumstances that cause the statements financially recorded that need to be misstated in a materialistic. The auditor ensures proper understanding of the entire concept of the ISA or expanded to be Indian Standards for Auditing (. Almaqtari et al. 2021). All this involves the related applications and other materials, which should be explanatory. These help to understand the requirements and apply the requirements properly in a perspective manner. 

The auditor is not responsible for representing the compliance with the ISA in the auditor’s reports unless the auditor is compiling with a particular form of the required essentials of the ISA and all the other forms of ISAs which have proper relevancy to the auditor. To achieve the objectives of the audit, the auditor needs to state the relevant ISAs in the cases of planning and performing the audit. They work with regard to the interconnected relationships to the Indian Standards of Audit. They also determine the procedures of an audit and those required by the Indian Standards of Audit, which are essential for completing the objectives, and evaluate the excellent and appropriate types of audit evidence of the facts that are obtained.

The definition of the Financial Reporting Council or, in short FRC

The FRC or Financial Reporting Council (Okwuosa et al. 2021) is mainly responsible for promoting cooperate governance in higher quality and producing reports to foster the investments done. This has been sent to the United Kingdom Governance of the corporate field and the codes of the Stewardship as well working towards the standards of UK for the processes of auditing, the matter of accounting, and the work in the actuarial case. It also presents the interests in the standard settings of the UK international markets (Dinh et al. 2021). They also monitor the matters going on and take necessary actions for promoting the quality purpose for the corporate field of reporting and auditing. This also works to operate the disciplinary form of arrangements in independent cases for the involved accountants, actuaries (Fackler et al. 2021) and helps to oversee the activities in the traditional form of activities of the accountancy and the professional bodies which are in solid form.

The committee is set up for audit that they should be involved in assessing the independence and the primary case objectives of the external form of auditors in an annual form. This mainly considers the related independence of the laws, regulations, the ethical type of standards, and other requirements for professionalism in the provinces of the United Kingdom. The committee for auditing should always consider the annual matters of disclosure from the statutory form of auditors and also discuss with the auditor about the threats that arise in the path of their independence and also does a discussion with the auditors due to the respective threats towards the path of their independence and the safeguards which are applied profoundly for mitigating (Hecht et al. 2021) and omitting them. This form of assessment should involve the consideration towards all types of relationships between the companies and the audit firms, including throughout the whole group and with the network connections of the audit firms and the related types of safeguards established by the types of external auditors. The committee, however set up for audit, should consider taking the whole and putting the views appropriate to the auditors of external for, the management, and the necessities of the internal type of auditors. These types of relationships have been appeared to impair the independence and objectives of the auditors. 


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