The Consequences of the Aging Problem

0The aging problem is common in most parts of the world given the rising rate of life expectancy. In the present day and age, it is common to find people who are living beyond ninety years as demonstrated in the case study. Arthur and Anne for instance have been married for over seventy years which presents a good case study for the situation globally. It is however clear from the case study that the aged population is facing a wide range of challenges. In Arthur’s home for instance their children have moved away to start their own families. The closest child lives around forty miles away from home making it impossible to help with their upkeep. One of their daughters can visit the home once every two months while the closest one visits once a month. Anne is hence required to take care of all the bills and other tasks for the couple. 

From the case study, it is clear that bills are the biggest inhibitor to a good lifestyle for the couple. Anne has to keep up with the paperwork which is kind of tasking as the job was previously undertaken by her husband. Gardening and changing Arthur’s bedding are the other challenges that Anne faces in her work. It is hence clear that the introduction of technology to aid the aged might play a huge role in improving their quality of life. Additionally, social care funding should be made available which might aid in the overall performance and livelihood of the couple.

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The Consequences of the Aging Problem
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Anne’s case provides a clear picture of how the aged population suffers without the necessary tools. In her home for instance she is adamant about taking care of her husband without complaints. It is however clear that she is experiencing difficulty in certain areas such as billing. 

1Social family practitioners hence have the responsibility to adopt technology while offering aid to the aged. A billing system for instance might not prove useful to younger people although it is vital while dealing with the aged. The main goal is to find a way to make their lives better as they live out old age. In other instances, the aged should be provided with networks of support such as family members and neighbours. A level of concern for the old people provides an aura of relief that their wellbeing is being taken care of. Consumer Directed Care models is one way through which the parties involved can introduce technology in the growth process. In that, the care offered is personalised based on the need of the client. In Anne’s case for instance the major concern is on ways to bill which has proven difficult. A social worker might be of great help in bridging the gap between her day-to-day and monthly needs further improving their quality of life. 

2I feel fortunate to have learned enrolled for the class given the wide array of knowledge on family caregiving. I am reminded of a case where a woman named Crystal in old age developed health complications while taking care of her husband. 

Crystal had been married for twenty years to her husband John before he developed dementia. All through the marriage, the couple had separate roles where John would take care of bills through his trucking business while Crystal took care of the children. The arrangement worked perfectly as the couple raised two healthy boys who later on move on with their lives. Dementia in John was however a big blow to the couple as the dynamics had to change in terms of responsibility. Crystal would now be responsible for overseeing the business in terms of supervising the drivers. Additionally, she had to take care of John on her own given that she felt a sense of responsibility on herself. Over the next ten years, Crystal would start to develop high blood pressure given the high work load

The case would have however been different if Crystal sought the aid of social workers while dealing with her husband. It became clear to me that social workers are vital players in keeping society moving despite of challenges. 

3The senior citizens in society tend to experience a wide range of challenges depending on their needs. Ethically a social worker is required to take into consideration the social systems that may affect and promote inequality in society. In the case of the aged population in society, a social worker is required to advocate for the adoption of technology to improve the livelihood of patients. In the case study, Anne would have greatly benefited from a social worker’s aid in her quest to improve her situation. Additionally, a social worker is ethically bound to push for the participation of the community while dealing with the aged. In most instances, the aged in society have limited help from family, especially with a distance. The situation is however different in Anne’s case as she receives help from her daughters and neighbours. The neighbours are able to have a better connection with the couple as they are closest. Client advocacy is the other responsibility of social workers especially while dealing with the aged population. In most instances, the parties involved in the taking care process are family members. The situation is however different as Anne is the only primary caregiver to her husband. The situation would however be different while dealing with a social worker with experience in the field. Billing for instance has proven to be a huge challenge as she had not been used to the process. A social worker at this point would have eased up the stress by recommending the adoption of technology. Technology would have provided Anne with reminders over the issues that she has to first consider. 

4 Social work has a close relationship with the normal operations of a family especially in cases where there is old people. It is however critical to note that although the profession is required it has been commercialised. Homecare for instance is a big issue while dealing with well-off families. A couple that has spent their lives taking care of their finances might be tempted to seek private services from the homes. It is at this point that family care comes into play as social workers can connect with the individual on a much deeper level. A social worker can be able to assess the various ways through which an individual can connect with benefit from family members. Additionally, the community can be able to easily relate with the members further enhancing their quality of life. An ability to delegate certain errands for instance may prove beneficial in the overall success of the people involved. It is also vital to note the value of a holistic approach in the overall success of the system.

The situation is particularly clear in the case study where Anne has a problem taking care of all tasks at home. In the past, all the activities were actively taken care of by Arthur although they are strenuous to her. Although she receives occasional help from her daughters and neighbours the tasks are proving challenging by the day. It is a clear sign of why she requires the help of a social worker with experience in the field. The help provided might not be on a daily basis since she is able to work but the incorporation of technology might make her life easier.

5 The aged in society tend to experience a wide array of challenges depending on their situation. An elderly person with health problems for instance might need specialised care compared to one without. It is possible to associate systems theory to the case study based on its operation. The theory approaches the issue from a holistic perspective where human behaviour and problems are interrelated. The success of the theory is however dependent on the participation of the social worker, the elderly person, family members, and the community at large. The various people have different roles in which they play making it possible to overcome certain challenges. Anne can benefit from the theory by accepting the aid of external parties. 

Transpersonal theory may also prove important while dealing with the case study. The theory is more focused on the spiritual nature of the job in regards to the elderly’s wellbeing. A successful application of the theory requires the integration of the spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and creative sides of the elderly. In most instances, one might be focused on the physical challenges that may exist at the moment. It is hence critical to ensure that the spiritual aspect of life is taken care of. In the case study, it is clear that Anne is experiencing problems in her routine. An inability to participate in the church is one of the issues that affect the success of the system. It is critical for her to involve the church in the process in the interest of easing up the burden. 

Lastly, it is possible to use the empowerment theory based on the challenges that Anne is facing. It is possible for people involved in care giving to develop a sense of hopelessness due to excessive pressure. The theory however equips the people involved with skills to overcome various challenges. In the case study, Anne is doing a tremendous job in taking care of her husband. She is however overwhelmed by the situation as she has to take up extra duties which are demanding. The incorporation of a social worker in the process might however provide her with knowledge on ways to better the situation. 

6 I feel that the future is bright for me in case I am offered an opportunity to work with the elderly. The process of dealing with the elderly is clearly tasking as some parties might have objection over my presence. I however identify the need for patience and accommodation of other parties in the process. Family members for instance might prove beneficial in terms of convincing the elderly to accept aid. It is also clear that one requires to establish clear guidelines of operations depending on the case at hand.




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