The African-American quest for universal freedom


Please Explain the Fundamentals of Racism and White Supremacy and Provide a Specific Example of How These Belief Systems Were Manifested Within the U.S. Constitution

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The African-American quest for universal freedom
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Racism and white supremacy in the United States of America are two key issues that have brought several debates across the country and the whole world. Racism has been defined as oppression and marginalization of people in a social construct that has racial hierarchy and privileges the whites over the blacks. Race refers to the categories in which people are grouped with respect to their physical characteristics. The physical characteristics that constitute race include skin color, facial form, eye shape, and the type of hair that someone has. Even though some people can argue that difference in race is created by biology, it is a mere fact that this type of classification system was brought up for political and social reasons. Systematic racism refers to the combination of many systems that aim to advantage the white while causing harm and disadvantages to other people of a different race. Systematic racism is grounded on the basis of the history of our constitution and laws that led to the foundation of white supremacy. Systematic racism also exists in all institutions that tend to favor the whites at the cost of people of a different race. In addition to this, systematic racism also exists in interpersonal communication that encourages inequity in relationships with people of a different race. 

Despite the many discriminatory and segregationist laws that have been put in place in most of the African countries and the western world, white supremacy has still become the popular doctrine in the United States of America. In the period between 1970 and 1980, the white supremacy of the United States of America became influential in Europe. Immigration from Africa, Asia, and Caribbean nations increased the number of nonwhites in the U.S. after Obama’s win in 2009, an FBI report warned of increased control by the white supremacists who were stocking more guns and expanding welfare rolls. 

As A Minority Population, African Americans Will Never Have The Majority Vote In This America. Please Discuss the Three Strategies (As Discussed In Class) Necessary for Blacks to Have an Effective Vote

White supremacy and vote suppression has made most of the members of the African American community fail to participate in voting without federal oversight. To make the matter worse, lawmakers in the country have continued to put more restrictions on the voting rights of the members of African American community. Black voters in the United States of America continue to be denied their right to vote. For those reasons, therefore, several strategies have to be put in place to ensure blacks’ participation in voting procedures.

To begin with, recruitment of African American candidates into the various political offices is one strategy to ensure black participation in elections. Getting black candidates into these political offices would encourage the removal of bottlenecks that hinder black participation in voting.  Another strategy that should be taken is prohibiting harmful voter purges. The above strategy ensures that the registered voters in the United States of America are not restricted from casting ballots. The third strategy that should be taken to ensure African Americans’ participation in voting is the prevention of unnecessary poll closures during the voting period. Lawmakers always shut polling stations, especially in the south, where there are many black voters, hence creating long lines that discourage black participation. Lawmakers should advocate for pro-voter policies that facilitate the automatic registration of voters. 

Discuss those Key Rights-Based Issues and Material Rights Issues That Disproportionately Affect African Americans and What Roles Can the Federal Bureaucracy Play in Ensuring Such Rights

Racism and white supremacy have cost African Americans in the sense that they have lacked access to the key rights and material rights. African Americans have had substandard access to housing, employment, health services, and even a lack of participation in voting. An example of material rights that African Americans lack due to the racial system is lack of income and also access to quality education. Lack of access to healthy foods, having violent neighbors, and easy access to illicit drugs are also other key issues that affect African Americans. It is the role of the federal bureaucracy to ensure equality in access to human rights without any racism affair. The federal bureaucracy ensures this by implementing, administrating, and regulating the policies that have been set by Congress. 

Through the process of implementation, the Federal Bureaucracy ensures that the set policies by the congress are put into practice. The federal bureaucracy can also ensure fairness in its process of issuing permits, collecting fees, and also giving tests. Through rulemaking, the federal bureaucracy makes comes up with the regulations that control how state and federal programs operate, hence ensuring fairness in all sectors of the country. 

What Are The Repercussions Of Affirmative Action Policies If The Supreme Court Operates As A Political Institution?

Affirmative actions refer to the set of policies and guidelines that are put in place to correct any unfair treatment of people taking place in the United States of America. The affirmative actions focus on the provision of education, employment, and other favorable considerations to the African Americans, who were historically bullied in the view of the race. When Supreme Court operates like a political body, the repercussion, as witnessed, is the ruling of the racial quotas unconstitutional. The various affirmative actions have brought several controversies in the politics of America.

As Chairperson Of The Civil Rights Commission, What Policy Changes Would You Make To Advance African Americans Quest For Universal Freedom?

As the chairperson of the civil rights commission, I would put more emphasis on the racial equality, which up to now, has not been established yet in the United States of America. The racial equality implemented would help in fighting against unemployment and poverty aiming the African Americans. Also, it addresses the voting rights that the African Americans deserve to be given and make them participate in the voting procedures of the nation. 





































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