Social media as well as Influences marketing

Social media as well as Influences marketing


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Social media as well as Influences marketing
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            Ideally, the growing usage of social media globally has changed marketing and consumer behavior dynamics, and social media has become a vital strategy for various marketers to build brands. On the other hand, influencer marketing is a modern discipline in the marketing field where there is interaction and engagement with multiple stakeholders in various social media platforms. Notably, there is an increase in the importance of social media influencers, which has been acknowledged by several marketers and has gained the attention of various academics. Although there growth is relevant in social media marketing on the delivery of multiple outcomes in social media marketing as well as communication, this paper has followed an approach which is deductive to have a review on the extent of scholarly works which is based on social influencer marketing as well as literature which is in marketing as well as various researches on its application which is contemporary. On the other hand, this work proposes a conceptual framework for multiple marketers. There is an evaluation of the effectiveness of influencer marketing strategies on several social media platforms. There is driving of performance of the organization through the synthesis of empirical thoughts.

Keywords: influencer marketing, social media, marketing in the social media, influencers of social media.


            The fourth industrial revolution has significantly changed how various businesses engage with consumers and other companies. Notably, when computers were embraced, numerous networks and data have transformed the whole globe into a space with a wide range of opportunities. Concerning the words of one Emily Green, ‘Global networks have the provision of connectivity which is unbelievable and intelligence. This is one of the developments of the world which is exciting and has the potential to bring change that is non-linear in every economy. Notably, during the last decade, the advent which has been there on the internet of various items has experienced changes which are revolutionary in the manner in which several consumers do extract data, do evaluation as well as come up with several choices which have a provision of feedback on several products as well as services. It is worth noting that social media is among the fields of the internet of various things and is one of the most influential online media to date. Concerning Kaplan and Haenlein are a network based on the internet and several applications that mainly enable individuals to create and exchange content generated by the User. In a literature study which was conducted by one Vinerean, there is a highlight that several authors have interpreted social media from perspectives which are different and among the main aspects which have been highlighted are interaction as well as co-creation of content which is generated by the User which does facilitate various business objectives.

On the other hand, there has been a quick increase in various social media platforms in the world. The rise in followers has created a  wide range of opportunitinities for different marketers so that customers are reached out effectively. There is an interaction and leveraging of words of mouth so that there is the generation of impact for various products as services. Notably, there has been a dramatic change in social media, which has impacted traditional brands of communication for television and the press. There have been new social media channels, including Facebook, Accountants on Youtube, and Snapchat. Influencer marketing is an essential tool in marketing in social media. It has gained considerable popularity among several millionaires, especially among Generation Y as well as Z.Marketing on the internet has gained significant attention among researchers in recent years in areas of how various influencers do incite behavior change as well as an effect on the opinions of the public where several influencers have focused on the usage of multiple influencers as a tactic of commercial marketing.

Purpose of this study

Ideally, this study aims to have an empirical review on the impact and importance of various influencer marketing strategies on multiple Marketing in Social Media platforms by the usage of existing literature. In a real sense, social media is a chief component of communications in marketing. It is a way that is low cost when reaching customers and building relationships with the customers. Although studies have shown that several organizations struggle to manage and use social media effectively, there is a need for various marketers to go beyond creating content in different social media platforms to increase interactivity engagement.

 On the other hand, the growing usage of various social media platforms has provided several marketers a better space during customer engagement by using new communication tools. Influencer marketing is a new discipline used to interact and engage several stakeholders in social media. Notably, decades ago, many organizations used influencers, especially celebrities, in traditional media and had a considerable investment to endorse the company’s products and services. In a real sense, when social media platforms arose, they shifted marketing budgets to marketing in social media.

2.0 Literature Review

2.1 Social media

Notably, social media has disrupted the whole world by the liberalization of how individuals exchange various information. On the other hand, social media platforms have enabled many individuals to share moments, exchange several services, share thoughts, and perform several transactions. Kaplan, as well as Heinlein, did define social media as a group that is based on internet applications that are built on ideological as well as technological foundations which allow creation as well as the exchange of content that the user generates. Although with development as well as evolvement of various platforms of social media, the definition has been challenged by several scholars during the recent studies where usage of Mobile phones is a new way as well as a revolution which has spread the wings of social media where ‘mobile 2.0 is a new buzzword which has turned most of the applications used in social media from PC desktop to a mobile handset.

Social is a network with various platforms in which several content and applications get created, published, and modified by multiple users in a collaborative and participatory manner. Notably, the social media platforms have been scattered from text-based Facebook to image-based media, for instance, Instagram. There is video-based content and social media platforms, such as YouTube and Tiktok.

2.2 Marketing in social media

Marketing in social media has gained a lot of attention from various scholars in the recent past, where a number have defined this concept from varied points. According to Yadav and Rahman, marketing in social media is the facilitator of connectivity and interaction with various prospective customers. There is an intention of making sales of multiple products and services. Notably, marketing in social media has enhanced stakeholders’ value by facilitating interaction, sharing personalized recommendations, and having word of mouth, which is enabling. Concerning Dwivedi Etal. Marketing in the social media platforms is a dialogue that is interactive and is around marketing which does facilitation of various users of social media platforms so that they are in a position to know about the promotional information of the organization as well as get to learn from multiple users on the experiences they have in the field of marketing.

2.3 Strategies of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is not any uncommon marketing vocabulary used by several marketers. Concerning Forbes magazine, influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on particular individuals apart from the target market. With the rise of new developments in technology and the emergence of social media, there have been opening up new avenues in which several organizations connect with their customers directly or indirectly. Notably, previous literature has highlighted Influencer marketing as a part that is integral to social media marketing. Influencers in social media marketing have reshaped consumers’ relationships with various brands in different ways, which have changed the dynamics of today’s marketing. Several authors define influencer marketing as a backdrop in social media Freberg Etal. Have defined influencers as a form of third-party endorsers who have shaped the attitudes of several audiences via tweets, blogs, and users of other social media platforms. Notably, these individuals are organized well by many social media followers. They build their trust and confidence based on recommendations and experiences.

3.0 Discussion: Role played by social media influencers

Extant literature focused on the role of influencers of the market on social media is minimal, and various researchers have focused on conceptualizing social media and influencer marketing influencers. On the other hand, extant literature has captured the role of social media marketing influencers on strategic communication in an organization. Enke Etal. Did site that there are four prominent roles that organizations can play on influencers of social media marketing, including the perspective of strategic communication where influencers of the social media marketing do add value to the business in terms of creating content, being protagonist, and being a multiplication as well as a moderator. Influencers of social media marketing are autonomously coming up with content where the organizations are online to meet the organization’s requirements. On the other hand, there is variation in scope depending on the features of the platform; therefore, influencers of social marketing have to distribute content that is relevant as well as branded to various platforms based on social dynamics of the community, the functionality of the media as well as algorithms. Influencers of social marketing can take the role played by the moderator in the event of strategic communication in an organization where they should not only be a messenger but actively participate in the activities of the organization both online as well as offline.

4.0 Conclusion

Ideally, this research paper has gauged the effectiveness of the strategies used in influencer marketing on social media marketing which is strategic and has communication which is mainly based on (a)roles which have been developed systematically on influencers of the social media in the evaluation of strategic communication model (b) there is proper analysis of marketing via various social media platforms hence leading to Equity in the brand. By introducing the social media marketing strategy, the research proposal has attempted to address severe conceptual gaps during the research on influencers of social media marketing influencers a communication perspective mainly based on strategic marketing in various social media platforms. Notably, literature which has been previously reviewed on influencers of marketing did note that several marketers did intend to have an exploration of influencers of the social media as being a form which is credible during marketing in their communication strategy which is used by various forms of social media marketing and this would lead to improvement in conversion of several businesses, for instance, Blue limited Energy drink company. On the other hand, the research paper also examined the role of social media influencers on the communication that is done during marketing via social media and any modern applications because this area has experienced limited studies. Notably, research that has been done on influencer marketing has flourished in the recent past. Its impact and various applications for the organization’s growth need to be validated. On the other hand, Internet marketing is a global phenomenon, as well as several marketers have the intention of making use of the tool not only during advertisement of their products, for instance, Blue Limited Energy Drink, but also consider the tool as an instrument that needs to be used during strategic communication. Since influencer marketing has become implemented widely, and communication in marketing has become personalized, there should be more research on this topic.




1) Do you have any knowledge that marketing in Social media can aid in the success of Blue Limited Energy Drink?

A) Yes                     b) No


2) Among the Social Media Sites, which one is the most effective?

A) Face book       B) Twitter    C) Corporate Blogs D) Linked In E) Snap chat F) YouTube

        3. Basing your argument on a scale of 1 to 5, where1  is the least and five is the highest, which rate do       you give to the following social media sites

  1 2 3 4 5
Face book          
Corporate Blogs          
Linked In          
Snap Chat          
You Tube          
Google +          

4. How often do you come across Blue Limited Energy Online?

A) Very often B) Seldom C) Not at all

5) Which is your favorite product within the products of Blue Limited  Energy Drinks

6) Which method of Shopping do you prefer most

A) Online        B) Offline

7) Are the choices of your products influenced by the choices of the product?

A) Yes       B)No

8) How much likely is your decision to purchase a product that has been recommended Online?

A) Very Likely

B) Somewhat Likely

C) Quite Likely

D) Very Likely

9) How likely are you to have a recommendation on Blue limited  Energy Drink to the online community you interact with?

A) Very Likely

B) Somewhat Likely

C) Quite Likely

D) Very Likely

10) To what level do Blue limited Brand in social media platforms influence one’s decision of purchasing this product?

A) To a large extent

B) Seldom

C) Never

11) Which Social Media Channels are you active in most? Kindly do choose as many social media platforms as applicable?

    A) Facebook

B) Twitter


D) Instagram

E) Pinterest

F) Reddit

12) How old are you?

A) 18-30

B) 30-40

C) 40-55

D) 55 and above

13. Kindly indicate the status of your employment

A) Unemployed

B) Self-employed

C) Employed

14. How many hours are you likely to spend on social platforms every day?

A) 1 Hour

B) 2 Hrs

C) 3 To 5 hrs

D) More than 5 hours per day

15. How helpful are the social media platforms when checking Blue Limited Energy Drinks?

A) Very Useful

B) Somewhat of use

C) Not Useful

16) In which way do you use Social media?

A) To Network

B) To purchase business products as well as services

C) To learn

D) Others kindly specify

17. How often do you use various Social Media platforms to do window shopping and shop products of Blue Limited?

A) Everyday

B) Weekly

C) Monthly

D) Others kindly specify

18. How often are you post on social media?

A) Quite Often

B) Somehow, often

c) Rare

19. Are social media platforms the First thing to check when you wake up?

A) Yes

B) No.















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