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Hospital of the University of Philadelphia,

501 S 54th St, Philadelphia, PA 19143, United State


To the Hiring Manager,

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Im writing to apply for the Nurse opening at the University of Philadelphia hospital. I have more than five years of experience in the profession some of which included home-based care and correctional nurse. My professional expertise aligns closely with the responsibilities outlined in your job advertisement.

In my role as a prison aid nurse, I proved to be a resourceful, passionate, and independent nurse with strong leadership skills in handling sick prisoners who sometimes pretended to have mental issues. My value quickly became apparent to the facility after I trained and equipped the entire staff on handling prisoners while delivering medical services in regards to their safety as well. Not only did my team improve in the ways of handling the patients but also did the number of often sick inmates reduce significantly in the months afterwards. I am convinced that the hospital will advantage of my principled and guidance skills as well standards of operation in liquidating my duties. I can assist doctors in treating and following up with patients and I can offer to provide personal care and home care services such as cleaning, preparing, oral care, dressing, and undressing of patients as well as supplementing clients with private activities, assist in nourishing clients who are unable to feed themselves.

My career goal is to ensure that I can work extra hard to prolong the life of my patients, ease their suffering, and heighten their chances for content and prolific life. To achieve these, I will increase my professional knowledge and training by taking extra classes, getting involved in workshops offered by employers, and have new experiences in my field by joining professional associations to meet new people, share ideas and learn in the long run. Additionally, I will improve less productive work processes and associations to make the daily work experience more optimistic and worthwhile.

I believe the hospital will be a force to reckon with for many years to come, and my extensive expertise will help ensure it succeeds well in delivering its goals year after year. My time spent in my previous places of work have prepared me for such a prospect, and I frankly hope I can engage with you soon as a member of your team. It would be a pleasure to discuss the Nurse position in detail and am happy to give any more information needed. Thank you for your time, and Im looking forward to hearing from you.


Humphrey Mbah.



1002 Warwick Dr, Apt. 3D Aberdeen, MD 21001

APRIL 24 2021,

Linda Cooper,

Human Resource Manager,

Maryland Hospital.



Dear Sir,

I appreciate your taking the time to talk to me about the supervisor position at Maryland hospital. I am excited to work and be part of such an esteemed institution and work with your team of elites to build my professional profile.

The job, as you presented it seem to be a match for my skills and interests. I am confident that my well-advanced course in nursing and ability to deliver high-quality nursing care will enable me to be a productive member of the team. In addition to my enthusiasm, I will bring to the position a willingness to learn from my superiors and coordinate which is essential in the medical field.

I am very interested in working with you and look forward to hearing from you. Kindly let me know if there is any information, I can provide you with.

Thank you for your consideration.


(your signature)

Humphrey Mbah.



University of Maryland, PG hospital

Center Cheverly Maryland.


Dear Sir/Madam,

It is my pleasure to recommend Humphrey Mbah for the position of Assistant Supervisor in your facility. Humphrey completed his Associate Degree in my lab and is one of the most outstanding nurses. I recommend him to you highly. In my lab, Humphrey initiated a highly productive collaboration with professors and fellow students that brought into fruition the completion of various projects. He Initiated and took an active role in discharge planning inclusive of identifying referrals to appropriate community agencies. Humphrey implemented and followed clinical practice standards for all patient populations cared for in the facility and proved himself an outstanding researcher.

Humphrey proved himself to be a capable mentor and teacher. He valued his colleagues and internship programs. Similarly, he was a terrific citizen and a leader who handled responsibility well as resourceful and took initiative to maintain equipment and ensure that safety standards were met. He demonstrated effective interpersonal communication skills with staff and other health workers and identified patient needs and problems. He took on many of the responsibilities of a faculty member and excelled in everything he did. Humphrey implemented appropriate interventions promptly and demonstrated accountability for ongoing awareness of the status of assigned patients as well as appropriately delegating nursing tasks to team members and consistently following up to ensure and evaluate the outcomes.

In short, I give Humphrey my highest recommendation. He is one of my finest colleaguesan outstanding nurse and talented team builder and as such would be a good catch for any department and I urge you to consider his candidacy seriously.


Thomas Brooke,

Distinguished Surgeon.



Recommendation letter 2

April 25, 2021

To Whom It May Concern:

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Humphrey Mbah. I have worked side-by-side with Humphrey for the last year in the prisons dispensary at Bethel health centre, Maryland. For the one year, Humphrey has served competently in scheduled and unscheduled sick call duties daily, treatments, medical trip returns, ER transfers, mental crisis management, blood draws, IV access initiation, and maintaining respect and integrity of our patients at all time. His experience dealing with covid-19 patients cannot be underestimated as he conducted Frequent testing, isolating those who are positive, and quarantining those that are at risk of developing covid-19 complications.

Humphrey evaluated and modified the multidisciplinary plan of home-based nursing on observable responses of the patient and attainment of patient outcomes each shift. He ensured problems are reviewed and revised appropriately and demonstrated competent technical skills for a specific patient population demonstrating knowledge and skills to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients on the assigned unit as described in the area/department/policies/procedures and/or standards/competencies.

As a direct report, Humphrey has been a successful, easy-to-manage associate, and he always gave that extra effort to his patients and meet deadlines. Humphrey demonstrated superior analytical capabilities and soon became an expert in the researches done around the facility. He demonstrated his leadership capabilities when a fellow manager became ill and was asked to step into that role.

While Ill certainly miss the working relationship, I had with Humphrey through the years, I’m confident he will be able to make an immediate as well as a positive impact on your organization. If you have any questions or concerns about Humphreys capabilities, experience or credentials dont hesitate to call me at the number below.


Alice Lumberton,

Co-Operate Affairs,

Bethel Health Services.









MD RN License # R230307 active since October 2017.

DC License No: RN1046687

Current CPR, AED, and Basic First AID


Certified Medical Assistant with over 8 years of professional experience in various healthcare settings. Eager to use immaculate patient care skills to support medical excellence through first-class treatment plan development and assessment skills. Seeks to utilize proven managerial and patient advocacy skills to further my excellence in the field. Working as a med/surge nurse for more than two years brought me enormous experience as I continue to care for my patients suffering from different health challenges. My background does not only limit me to Med/Surge but also working as a Homecare nurse, RN dispensary in prison has gratified my nursing experience.


  • Managing and systematically accessing the systematic complexity of all the dynamics.
  • Developing policies and the procedures that direct the nurses to safe nursing practices
  • Educating regarding the implementation of the policies and procedures.
  • Monitoring the outcomes of the patient concerning their medical treatments and surgical interventions.


Current Jobs

Bethel Health service: April 2020 present: Bethel is a staffing agency for prisons in Maryland. I work in Hagerstown and sometimes in Baltimore and Jessup as a dispensary RN.

Dispensaries in these prisons function as clinics where we do schedule and unscheduled sick calls daily, treatments, medical trip returns, ER transfers, mental crisis management, blood draws, IV access initiation, and maintaining respect and integrity of our patients at all time. My experience dealing with covid-19 patients cannot be underestimated. Frequent testing, isolating those who are positive, and quarantine those that are at risk of developing covid-19 became our daily routine.

Jan 2018- April 2020

-University of Maryland Capital Health Region on the medical-surgical floor, PG hospital Center Cheverly Maryland.

  • Collects, interpret and documents basic level data.
  • Performs initial physiological, educational, and psychosocial assessments as per protocols/standards for admission, and daily during shift assessments while applying effective interviewing skills to elicit information from the patient and/or significant other that is necessary to establish the plan of care. Implements appropriate interventions promptly.
  • Functions to identify patient needs and problems (biophysical, cognitive, developmental, emotional, sociocultural, spiritual) supported by assessment data, and establishes priorities reflective of the patient’s age-specific needs.
  • Demonstrates effective interpersonal communication skills with staff and other health care team members (i.e. discharge planning rounds, multidisciplinary rounds, report).
  • Collaborates with patient and other health care team members to develop a comprehensive plan of care/pathway.
  • Initiates and takes an active role in discharge planning inclusive of identifying referrals to appropriate community agencies.
  • Implements and follows clinical practice standards of care (such as plans, pathways, protocols, flow charts, algorithms, etc.) for all patient populations cared for on the unit.
  • Interprets and implements physician’s orders promptly.
  • Establishes appropriate priorities for delivery of patient care and implements nursing actions in an appropriate time frame; assures that supplies and equipment are available for patient care.
  • Anticipates and acts on potential predictable needs (such as pain management, skin management, etc.) and/or problems, promptly.
  • Demonstrates accountability for ongoing awareness of the status of assigned patients.
  • Appropriately delegates nursing tasks to team members and consistently follows up to ensure and evaluate the outcomes. Identifies and reports unsafe practices and/or procedures related to patient care.
  • Evaluates and modifies the multidisciplinary plan of care based on observable responses of the patient and attainment of patient outcomes each shift as evidenced by documentation. Assures problems are reviewed and revised as appropriate.
  • Demonstrates competent technical skills for a specific patient population (see Unit Specific competencies, structure standards, procedure, protocols and policies).
  • Demonstrates knowledge and skills to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients on the assigned unit as described in the unit/area/department/policies/procedures and/or standards/competencies.

Dec 2017 Dec 2019

Correctional Nurse/Intake Nurse at-Correct Care Solution (CCS) at Jenifer Road Detention Center, Annapolis Maryland.

  • Assess the physical, medical, social, and psychological status of patients
  • Draft assessment reports from the time of patients admission, confinement, and discharge
  • Plan nursing care working closely with health care providers
  • Monitor and communicate patients’ medical conditions to the right health care professional
  • Recommend changes in medications observing treatment outcome
  • Provide direct patient care utilizing nursing skills
  • Educate patients on whom and when they should visit as a follow up include assessments, coordinate and follow care plan with doctors, admissions, documentation and many other functions.
  • Administer medications and evaluate the effectiveness of the medications
  • Maintain inventory standard for medications, controlled drugs, and narcotics.
  • Make referrals for further mental health evaluations for Inmate with mental health complaints
  • Inmates who are suicidal ideations are timely put on suicide precaution and all protocols follow per facility policy until they are clear by mental health professionals.

April 2018-Dec 2018

Meijer Home Health care Services

  • Perform monthly visit to patient’s home to supervise the caregivers and also perform a monthly assessment on the patients.
  • Performs nursing assessments and develops, implements and evaluates plans of care in conjunction with the physician, patient and caregivers per agency policy and procedure
  • Plans and implements patient health teaching and health counselling regarding the disease
  • process(es), self-care techniques and prevention and involves the patient’s significant others in accomplishing health goals while promoting patient/family independence
  • Participates in health promotion and disease prevention activities
  • Expresses verbal and written communication in a clear, positive and cooperative manner
  • Working knowledge of computer systems
  • Implements a plan of care and instructs the patient/caregiver on signs/symptoms of complications and home management related to the patient’s disease process.

Oct 2017-April 2018

Glen Burnie Health and Rehabilitation Center in Glen Burnie Maryland

  • Assess patients recovering from a stroke, knee and hip replacements, amputation, and debilitation from medical conditions
  • Monitor patients through pain assessment, appropriate medication, and concise documentation
  • Provide rehabilitation education on safe and effective use of medical equipment
  • Skillfully utilize medical diagnostic equipment, as well as instruments and supplies required for blood tests and infusion therapy.


Berhan, Alliance, and MBI Health care Agencies as Home Health Aide 2012-2017.

Duties Performed;-

  • Assist in certain treatment as ordered by the physician and approved and supervised by the Nurse
  • Perform frequent transfer and lifting, Dressing, bathing, grooming. and feeding for all assigned patients.
  • Also provide personal care such as bathing grooming, oral care, dressing and undressing.
  • Assist client with toileting activities, assist in feeding the client, feeding clients who are unable to feed themselves.

Community Connection -Washington DC, September 2011-Jan 2012

  • Worked as Home Health Aide and Community Support Worker.
  • Followed established patient care plans. travelled to patients homes or group homes run by Community Connection and provide basic care to patients
  • Maintain logs and record of travel, time, supplies used and care provided
  • Complete documentation notes regarding patient care and notify the nurse in charge of any changes in patient condition.
  • As a Community Support Worker, I educated, Taught, and assisted patients to become independent in areas such as budgeting, ADLs, medication, and conflict and anger management. Established and wrote standard notes ready for Medicaid Billing for services provided.


  • Teamwork
  • Time management
  • Stress management in overwhelming situations
  • Empathy to patients
  • Positive attitude towards work


Currently enrolled at the University of Maryland for RN to BSN program

2016 August: Associate Degree in Nursing

Radians College, Washington DC

2013 May: Associate of Arts Degree

Montgomery College, Rockville MD

2010 June: Home Health Aide Certification

Allied School of Success, Rhode Island Washington DC


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