Operations and Management Team Plan


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Operations and Management Team Plan
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Table of Contents

Introduction. 3

Discussion. 3

Conclusion. 8

References. 9




The business management strategy can be implemented in the U.K. market and can effectively create a proper marketplace. But, in this pandemic situation, the central affected part is the business management, but by conducting various processes, it can get stability to step in the marketplace. They can involve the U.K. market in multiple ways by implementing franchising, licensing, branding, etc. There might be various strategies that can be helpful to conduct the business properly. Various objects can be beneficial to maintain the business management properly, but they can create an ethical manufacturing culture that can be helpful to conduct the business policy adequately.

In this pandemic situation, it can be seen that car service requirements are very much needed. It is an essential component of everyone’s life in this pandemic situation. It is not only a valuable element for the pandemic situation. It can also be a practical post-pandemic situation. The car service is not only getting the attention in the U.K. market, but it can also be effective all over the world. It is essential to provide personal satisfaction and have done an adequate job in a difficult situation. The impact of the economic solution is also practical for this business strategy. So, this is the best service policy to conduct the formal business statement post-pandemic situation. The investment policy can be increased in the marketing policy by the appropriate entrepreneurship (N. and Sureka, R., 2021).


Market Opportunity

The market opportunity of the car servicing industry is increasing day by day. The official car service policy can also significantly impact the economic metrics. After this pandemic situation, many people can do some research about the policies and services of the car. Due to various manufacturing issues, it might be decreased in multiple levels, but the car servicing industry never failed. To create a proper market strategy, it is essential to gather information about the nearby people and their needs. Implementing this process can effectively give an appropriate value to the business market. To hold the market correctly, it is also essential to conduct the proper service as per the business policy. It is also required to complete the proper mechanics also. The need for engineers is also an essential criterion to this policy. Post- pandemic can also be effective in maintaining the appropriate marketing strategy. For an entrepreneur, the activity theoretical, pedagogy, and conceptual (A.R. and Othman, A., 2017).

Industry Analysis

To start a business adequately maintained, it is required to conduct the business policy properly and conduct an analysis. Through the investigation, it can be effective to keep the proper marketing strategy and get an appropriate response from the customers. To comment, the process correctly here is a business model conducted by Porter that can be helpful to perform the proper analysis. The five forces of the model can measure profitability in the marketing industry (Maros, M. and Korenkova, M., 2020).

(Fig. 1 Source – www.jarthur.com)

  • Threats of new entrants – there might be some objectives they can implement to maintain the car servicing policy in the U.K. market. Still, it is essential to cut the barriers of business marketing to conduct a fair business policy. It is very competitive for entrepreneurs to maintain the proper strategy in the business market. Still, as a result, it can give a sound investment policy to support the marketing strategy.  For the new entrants, it might be effective as a threat, but it can create a proper marketing strategy to maintain the pricing level by holding a safety policy.
  • The intensity of competitive rivalry – for the entrepreneurs, it can also be a part of the competitive statement, and it can create the best business strategy for the business policy. In most urban areas, the car servicing policy can be practical to maintain the business strategy. They can implement the car service for industrial purposes. There might be various substitutes in the manufacturing process, but it is essential to know the ultimate fact about the car servicing policy.
  • The threat of substitutes – the substitutional risk is also a practical part of conducting the marketing analysis properly. Maintaining the proper marketing strategy is a valuable part of the car servicing policy. The evolution of the automobile industry might be increased after the post-pandemic situation, but it can be effective all over industries. For the newcomers of the business strategy, it is practical to decrease the reasonable substitutes from the industrial aspects.
  • Bargaining power of suppliers – to maintain a business properly, it is essential to know the profit factors that can be helpful to conduct a good business policy. In the car servicing industry, they must implement the importance of suppliers in the service policy. The suppliers must be produced some quality and potential products to conduct the business properly. It is an adequate criterion to maintain the ethical aspects of the business strategy adequately. 
  • Bargaining power of buyers – buyers are the main aspect of conducting the business properly in the business policy. The buyer’s elements can measure the profit scale, and the governments’ characteristics can also be effective to implement in the manufacturing process. The dealers are also an essential part of this industry to conduct the business policy properly. The financial aspects can create the various modes of factors to maintain the proper strategy in the business culture. they can implement the differentiation of the bargaining aspects in the marketing strategy.

Operations and Management Team Plan

In the car servicing policy, it is important to conduct a proper operational process to get the right idea about the proportional aspects of the business strategy. To run the business properly, it is essential to maintain the criteria to conduct the proper marketing policy. In the U.K., it is necessary to identify the operating system of the car servicing policy, and it can be effective to know about the proper segmentation of the marketing criteria. For an entrepreneur, it is essential to make an operation list to conduct the good business policy. The production of marketing management can be maintained by a significant nature and can be effective to sustain the benefits of the market (F. and Ogbari, M., 2017).

  • Choose proper location – to produce a new business to the market, and it is the first part to choose an appropriate location that can be suitable for the product or service. To produce car servicing in the market, it is very effective to find proper manufacturing elements, raw materials, etc. Also, the business can get a lot of crowd in functional areas. So, it can be helpful to choose the proper location to conduct the business and be adequately impactful to maintain the marketing strategy correctly.
  • Conduct proper equipment – in the automobile industry, equipment is the essential part of producing the product perfectly. So, it is also necessary to conduct the car servicing industry properly, and concrete equipment is always needed. Providing proper machines is the best practice element to run the business system properly.
  • Include qualified engineers – to maintain the car servicing industry, and it is also essential to include the best engineers from all over the world. It is not possible to produce the cars by only conducting the machines. Qualified engineers can also be practical to run the business properly. Implementing the proper engineers is an essential part of maintaining the extensive amount of the company.
  • Provide necessary licenses – in the vehicle service, the charge is another criteria to drive the business properly. It is an essential part of maintaining the business properly. Without the business license, it might be affected to the legal prospects of the business criteria. It can be effective to keep the business strategy from the legal hierarchies of the business.
  • Up to date about the technology is also an important part of conducting the business strategy in the U.K. market. It is essential to running a fair business policy by implementing proper technology. In this present time, they can implement various products in technological terms, and by this, it can be effective to maintain the market value also.

 Team management is also an adequate criterion to maintain the proper team planning to conduct a business. Without a good team, it is impossible to get an appropriate response from the customers and also practical to maintain the strategy in the U.K. market. In this pandemic situation, people are getting so effective in conducting the right business in the marketing policy. It might be impacted by the car servicing policy. It might be adequate to perform the operations and adequately effectively maintain the marketing strategy in terms of aspects.

Marketing Plan 

It is essential for the entrepreneur to conduct a proper marketing plan to maintain the business strategy as per the management. The marketing plan can be delivered the sustainability providing the business model (McKenzie, D., 2017). In the U.K. market, it is very much effective to maintain the car servicing business correctly. For this, they must include some proper planning to support the appropriate strategy. The marketing plan of car servicing can be conducted by 4 Ps, and it can be affected the business policy properly.

(Fig. 2 Source – www.nellpatel.com)

  • Conduct good products – the first essential aspect of car servicing is to produce the right product in the U.K. market. In the product part, the brand and its services can effectively maintain the proper business strategy. The packaging system is also impacted in the marketing plan. There are various terms to produce an appropriate product details. 
  • Proper place – in the car servicing industry, it is practical to find out the appropriate place to conduct the business properly. The site can be chosen by the foundation of proper materials, resources, machines, etc. It is also an essential part of maintaining the market correctly.
  • Proper promotion – for an entrepreneur, it is essential to make an excellent promotional aspect to know the business strategy in the U.K. market. They might include some other stages through the promotional purpose like advertising, personal selling, public relations, etc. Through these processes, a proper promotion can be conducted. In the present context, social media can also be effective in promoting the product.
  • Proper pricing is the other policy to conduct the business strategy properly. Implementing appropriate strategies can be easier to get the proper marketing prospects. It can also be helpful to get the proper attention from the customers. In the U.K. market, the car servicing policy can also be practical to get the appropriate response from the market.

Financial Plan

Maintaining the car servicing business properly is adequate to maintain a good marketing policy. Financial planning is also an essential part of maintaining the business strategy properly. The financial planning can be conducted through writing documents, searching about the business activities, achieving the proper goals and objectives, etc. Through these processes, it can be possible to maintain the good business in the U.K. market. The car servicing policy also needs some financial policies to know the market strategies (McKenzie 2017). 

Market Research

Through the proper market research, an entrepreneur can be helpful to produce the appropriate business strategy in the market. By conducting a good business market policy, it can be beneficial to maintain a substantial market strategy. It can also be helpful to provide the proper marketing segmentation. Various approaches are there to conduct a business correctly, and by this, it can be effective to maintain the company in the U.K. market (Ibidunni et al. 2017).


Through the study, it can be concluded that the various aspects can determine the business management policy. In the study, there might be multiple stages to conduct the proper business planning, and by this, the car servicing policy can create a practical impact in the U.K. market. In this study, we have discussed the opportunities of the market that can be helpful to get good prospects of the business. After this, through analysis, it can be adequately defined. The operations and team management can be effective to maintain the business policy also appropriately defined. Providing a market and financial plan are both the effects of making a proper business strategy. The proper market research can also be effective to conduct the business properly. At last, it can be said that an entrepreneur can be helpful by conducting these strategies and also helps to get a proper business plan.




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