Living through injury in gangland Chicago



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Living through injury in gangland Chicago
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Renegade Dreams essay review. What does it mean to be a renegade and dream while living in Ea






Eastwood is indeed two small neighborhoods found in America. Notably, the world does view those two towns as the home of the poor. Besides, you can only find blacks in those towns, and everybody thinks that people living there always need help. In the tale, Renegade Dreams the author tells the story of gang leaders, teenagers, and activists, and he mentions that those mentioned above are victims. This renegade dream e get to know Eastwood better, a community that was battered but very far from being beaten. People in this community live in poverty(Ralph.,2014). Also, they are surrounded by racism. Many countries are still experiencing racism even after so many years of fight against racism. We are indeed humans, and sometimes we tend to either like or dislike a person; that’s natural but let us not dislike a person based on their skin color; after all, nobody chooses to be born in a particular community. Those people living in Eastwood were are victims, but the author did not mention such a thing. In the reneged dream, we find Raphe, who happens to be the main character narrating his life experience at East wood. I think that life was tough for him. We will discuss the prompt what it means to be a renegade and dream while living in east wood.

On the same note, the explanation that the author of the renegade dreams gives is that inspiration in an experience of injury that reimagines the likelihoods within injury that is to say that even in times of despair, individuals still have not only hope but also dreams of a better future that is to say no matter how challenging situation looks brighter days will come one day. Remarkably, I think that Ralph gave so many definitions during this ethnography, telling the reader who exactly renegades are. When he talked to pats members of the divine knights, the Eat=stwood less known gang, gang renegades, can be defined as a young gag affiliate that seasoned members claim cannot be part of the gang. The other gang leaders, those young gangsters, are the main instigators of senseless violence. After that, Ralph expanded the notion of renegades of those who don’t have the credibility to join the gang; however, they would like to see an immediate change in the community. I believe that there are so many people on renegade who would like to see a difference in their community, including business people and all other members of the community (Ralph.,2014). Sadly other external forces are fighting against that change. I think that is why Ralpha did offer another meaning to define renegade, which was meant to include the members of the society who view positivity and the possibility of what others believe is neglected and helpless. The good news is that there is still a bright future ahead, and some members of the community think that Eastwood is going to change.

I believe that the author was dreaming of a better Eastwood. All that he desired was change. The author dreamt of improvement. Those drams are not extravagant because they bring hope to the community. Member needs to work hard toward overcoming struggles, not excluding safe passage to and from school .stable jobs and consistent income. Let’s, for a while, stop and think of a community where all members are educated and have a constant flow of income that would be a dream come true for all members of Eastwood. If a person wants to achieve a thing, they have to work towards achieving that thing regardless of whether or not those dreams come to pass. According to Ralph, there is a connection between the saying that if injury immobilizes individuals, their goals keep them going despite any obstacle.

I think that the author does describe renegades’ will as their intentions or even their decisions of those individuals living in Eastwood to improve their lifestyle in the community regardless of the condition they are living in now. I believe that the harsh life that the people of east wood were living helped them know how to establish relationships or even social bonds and define their future concerning how they perceive life. Many times, one would hear renegades people sharing their experiences to encourage other people in that community to focus on what they want to achieve. The term renegade meant focusing on dreams rather than giving up (Ralph.,2014). For example, Laurence wanted to achieve so many things not limited to writing ethnography and research .what Laurence did was write real issues affecting the people of Eastwood to create awareness. Hence the renegade dream rotates around changing the community through the description of real-life experience.

In conclusion, there were so many remarkable things able the Eastwood community, but I think that the only thing that stood out for me was that the people of the east wood dream of a better future, which is what they worked hard on. All they needed was to overcome the same challenges, including violence, and live a happy life. From what we have read is true that people here were living a tough life, but they still hoped for a better tomorrow; that is how we all need to do. I believe that there is a need for us to hope for a better future regardless of what we are going through. The renegade lived a life full of challenges but always dreamt of a bright future. They desired a community with a consistent flow of income and a community with affordable housing.






Ralph, L. (2014). Renegade Dreams: Living through injury in gangland Chicago. University of Chicago Press.


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