Is Google Making Us Stupid?



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Is Google Making Us Stupid?
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Is Google Making Us Stupid?




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Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Technology plays a big part in today’s society because it improves efficiency and effectiveness in education. Similarly, the internet plays a big role in society because it provides easy access to information. According to Carr (2008), the internet has a detrimental effect on brain performance, particularly on concentration and meditation of information. Also,[jm1]  the internet has negative outcomes on learning, mainly focusing on the inability of people to read books and gain a deeper understanding like before. People skim through reading materials on the internet because it is more convenient. So, Google is making people stupid in that people are losing the ability to perform simple tasks.

The overreliance on the internet to get information is high compared to reliance on external memory aids. According to [jm2] Marsh & Rajaram (2019), suggests that people having access to the internet are less willing to use their memories[jm3]  even on simple tasks that do not require internet search. That means that the ability to reason and think logically decreases due to easy access and reliance on the internet. Since Google is an internet [jm4] that enables a wide range of people to access and share information, it makes people stupid by reducing their ability to rely on their memories[jm5] .

Further, reading in[jm6]  Google has reduced comprehension, absorption of information, and concentration compared to offline readers. In online behaviours[jm7] , there is less concentration due to disruptions online (Hooper & Herath, 2014). Also, comprehension and absorption rates [jm8] are lower than those reading books offline (Hooper & Herath, 2014). With low comprehension, absorption, and recall rate, the level of intelligence does not improve, which is supposed to be the intention of reading. Despite the unlimited access to various sources, failure to recall most of the information read does not make a person informed on the subject. 

In summary, Google is making people stupid because of overreliance on using such internet[jm9]  to access and share information. So, people are willing to think logically or use their memories[jm10]  to perform a simple task. Also, the low level of comprehension, absorption and recall results in a low level of intelligence. Despite the negative impact of Google on memory and reading behaviours, there are several advantages of the internet, particularly on access to unlimited information and the ease of getting knowledge. [jm11] 



















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 [jm1]Moreover is a better phrase


 [jm3]Incorrect. Should be memory

 [jm4]Incorrect. Google is a search engine available on the internet

 [jm5]Incorrect again


 [jm7]Doesn’t make sense. Perhaps you could say: When reading online….

 [jm8]For who. For online users?



 [jm11]this is not properly placed. Do not introduce new information in the conclusion. The conclusion is mostly a summary of what you have discussed in the paper. You should also reinstate the thesis statement in the conclusion. This helps you to offer closure to the readers. The new information you have provided just causes confusion.

 [jm12]This link is incorrect. Refrence links should redirect to the exact source when clicked

 [jm13]This is the proper referencing for the above source. Use googlescholar and other viable databases to get correct referecing 

 [jm14]Should be in italics

 [jm15] [jm15]This link is incorrect. Refrence links should redirect to the exact source when clicked


 [jm16]This should be in italics

 [jm17]Correct link. The rest are incorrect

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