Football is America’s favorite spor

Football is America’s favorite sport. It is, therefore, no surprise that American bettors love the NFL. The league features plenty of odds, allowing you to bet on the likelihood of multiple activities happening within a match. If you are new to the betting world, the variety of wagering options can be confusing. Here are some of the most common types of NFL betting. 

1. NFL Moneyline Odds

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Football is America’s favorite spor
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These may be common, but they can be pretty confusing when you are new to the world of football betting. Moneyline odds come with a three-digit or longer number. It is typically listed as positive or negative. If a team is presented in the negative, it is expected to win. This also means that your odds will probably earn less than your risked amount.

The underdog is typically presented in the positive. If you bet on them, the probability of winning is low, but you will probably win more than your bet. 

Moneyline odds are popular because of their straightforwardness. You simply need to bet on the team that is likely to win a match. This typically doesn’t require much research. 

2. NFL Prop Bets

Proposition bets can be made on almost any occurrence in a game. This includes events that don’t necessarily affect the overall outcome of the game. While NFL prop bets are endless, most of them feature yes/no options. Sometimes, they appear in a list with multiple options.

· NFL Team Props

Team props are based on franchises. They include the odds of a team winning their division, the Super Bowl, or conference. The props may also include name changes, their likelihood of moving to a new city, or mascot changes. 

· NFL Player Props

These bets are typically made in regard to the performances of individual players. They include the number of games they may start or win, the odds of getting a Super Bowl MVP award, and the odds of winning the NFL MVP.

· NFL Draft Pops

The NFL Draft brings you plenty of prop bets. They include player options for different draft spots, the positions that will be drafted and the order in which they will be drafted, and the top player for every football position. These are known to be some of the most exciting NFL prop bets. They add some excitement to traditional NFL betting.

· NFL Super Bowl Props

Prop bets for betting on the Super Bowl are some of the most popular ones and they present you with hundreds of options. You can bet on the coach to be shown first on-screen, singing of the National Anthem, and a lot more. 

· NFL Free Agent Props

Popular free agents are becoming part of the NFL and you can now bet on them. You can bet on the team they will go to, how long they will stay on the market, and more. 

3. NFL Point Spread

These bets represent the total points that teams are predicted to lose or win by. NFL point spread bets are particularly popular for their simplicity. If a team is listed in the positive, it is expected to lose. If it is listed in the negative, it has high odds of winning. 

Moneyline odds may be placed alongside the point spread totals for every team. The three-digit numbers indicate the amount you could possibly win from betting on each team. 

4. NFL Futures Bet

NFL futures bets involve activities that may happen in the future. Usually, futures betting lines are available all through the year. They allow you to bet on the NFL off-season. The opportunities include:

· Conference Champions

· Season Win Totals

· Game Lines Happening Tomorrow or After

· Division Champions

5. NFL Over/Under (Total Bets)

With this kind of bet, you have to bet on whether the point total will fall above or below the indicated mark. If, for example, the line stands at 54.5 points, 55 points would qualify as over. If the total combine point output is 54 or less, you may receive a payout for the under. 

6. NFL Live Betting 

Most modern sportsbooks now offer live betting options. They update their odds all through the game. NFL live betting takes the pressure off your experience. You can wager right before the final whistle is blown rather than just at kickoff. 

If you have made a mistake with one of your bets, you can get back into the action before the end of the game, hence improving your potential to win. The betting opportunities include the team to take the lead after every quarter or after halftime. There may be a few prop bets as well. 

ParlaysThese bets are typically achieved by grouping a minimum of two plays together. The more plays you have, the higher your possible payout and risk. The goal is usually to increase your payouts without betting with more money. However, the downside is that they give the house a bigger edge. If one of the games in your bundle loses, your entire bet loses. In a seven games parlay, for example, you could hit six, lose one, and lose all your money. In most cases, you will be playing at a disadvantage. 

8. Teasers 

Teasers are types of parlay bets that let you purchase extra points on total or point spread bets. If, for example, team A is listed at -10 and team B is listed at -14, you can wager a two-team seven-point teaser. It would give team A -3 and team B -7 at -120 vig. 

However, you only win if every wager in the teaser wins. You can usually bet 6, 7, and 10 point teasers with NFL bets. Do some research to determine the best kinds of bets for your NFL teaser. Some books have better teasers than others. 


In conclusion, betting on the NFL may be popular, but it can get complicated. There are lots of possible ways to win and being aware of them could improve your profits. 


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