Digital Marketing in Ford Company



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Digital Marketing in Ford Company
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Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction. 3

2.0 Digital Marketing in Ford Company. 3

3.0 Current Situation of the company. 4

4.0 Operations. 5

5.0 Reflection. 6

6.0 Conclusion. 7

Reference List 8



1.0 Introduction

An “American multinational” automaker based in Dearborn, Michigan, “Ford Motor Company” was founded in 1903 and has its corporate headquarters there. Incorporated on June 16th, 1903, “Henry Ford” established the company. Cars and trucks are sold under the “Ford brand”, whereas Lincoln premium cars are sold via the company’s “Lincoln luxury brand”. Ford is a global family business with a common set of values. It’s just as important to us as it is to their customers to serve the community and the globe. Throughout the years, we’ve been a part of many people’s memories and aspirations. They’ve had 117 years to become used to dealing with change and taking the initiative. As a result, they’re shifting their focus away from automobiles and toward services, experiences, and software instead. All of them are here to help construct a better society, one where everyone has the opportunity to follow their ambitions without fear of persecution. Vehicles manufactured by “Ford Motor Company” include a variety of pickups and “SUVs” as well as sedans and sports utility vehicles (SUVs). As a whole, the Mobility section is focused on Ford’s development of self-driving cars and related companies. In this report, “digital marketing” and also operations of the company will be evaluated. In order to take advantage of the company’s “digital marketing” and operations, what may be done in this current situation, will be discussed in this report. 

2.0 Digital Marketing in Ford Company

It was time for “Ford” to take action. They transformed manufacturing into an innovation center through digital transformation. Ford adopted the “Material Flows Wireless Parts” system as a solution to the issues. Tracking key parts and making sure they arrive at the appropriate location and time is made easier by this method. As a starting point, they used “220 RFID labels”. Each one is associated with a certain component number. As a component of this B2B “digital transformation” (Saura, 2021), Ford put portable PCs at important points in the assembly and manufacturing lines, as well as a specific wireless infrastructure. 

Better Consumer Experience – The “Digital marketing” user experience is more challenging than the “B2C customer” experience. The reason for this is that one must contact clients on both an individual and organizational level. In B2B as well as “B2C”, the customer experience is often the deciding factor in whether or not a purchase will be made again. Friction must be removed from the equation in order to provide the greatest possible customer experience. As far as feasible, the pipeline is simplified and manufacturing is accelerated. From the moment a customer engages with a company, to the moment they close the deal, this applies. The “B2B customer” experience isn’t only about selling anymore, thanks to digital change in the “B2B industry”. Customers should not be inconvenienced by the intricacy of their transactional procedures, even if they must use them.

Meeting Consumer Expectations – The significance of “digital transformation” has been overstated. As a result of this development, the distinction between a service and a product is becoming blurred. No matter what level of organization they are in, it affects how they do business. Customers have come to expect a hassle-free shopping experience when they purchase online. The same is expected from them in commercial dealings. However, it simply necessitates that they go for the gold and embrace digital change (De Pelsmacker et al. 2018). In fact, failing to do so puts their business at risk, since the competitor is always ready to fill their void. Innovation should not be hindered because of complicated “B2B platforms”. In the digital future, customers’ expectations and efficiency are both enhanced. Increased client retention and profit margins can be achieved by using digital technology. Product and service turnaround times can be sped up. 

Connecting the Offline & Online Worlds – Customers may connect with the organization through a variety of channels, including online web storefronts, field marketing, and more, thanks to “digital transformation”. In addition, these customers generally spend the same as those who exclusively use one channel, which is a huge advantage of becoming digital. As a result, seize the moment. Build a system that is well-integrated across all channels. “B2B customers”, on average, consult six sources before making a purchase decision. It is more difficult for customers to travel through their funnel if their sales approach is disconnected. Getting clients to switch from online to real interactions may be a challenge as well. Of course, a lack of cross-channel integration is a factor. That’s why “B2B digital transformation” is heavily influenced by mobile technology. A mobile device is in the hands of the majority of shoppers at some point throughout the shopping process.

3.0 Current Situation of the company

In terms of automobile brands, “Ford Motor Company” is one of the most well-known. Ford is constantly looking for new and exciting ways to connect with its consumers, and one of these strategies includes a huge rise in the manufacture and supply of branded content. “Ford” recently revealed their “digital marketing strategy”, how it has impacted their business, and how data has helped them refine and improve it. “Ford” (Caron, 2021) has a wide range of customers, each with a unique set of requirements. Because of this, “Ford” maintains a variety of websites and subdomains, each geared at a distinct demographic. “” is the primary website address for the “Ford Motor Company”. Most of Ford’s customer base come here to browse for a “Ford vehicle”, learn about their financing choices, and fix any difficulties they may have with their vehicle. Ford’s blog uses corporate objectives, innovation, and business updates, and the rich history of the brand to provide entertaining and original material for the public profile of the carmaker. Ford’s long-form narrative of the “Ford Bronco” analyses the motivation behind the automobile, its several incarnations, and its position in American history is one example of recent Ford material. The piece is non-transactional, as is much of the information on the “Ford blog”. Ford’s goal is to change customers’ minds about the Bronco by creating a compelling tale. In another example of how “Ford” (Collins, 2018) uses its long heritage to build brand affinity, this piece details Ford’s history of supporting Americans in times of distress. Despite the article’s title, it goes into great length on Ford’s contributions to the fight against the development of “COVID-19”, as well as its contributions to the United States throughout both World Wars one and two. It takes effort and data to fine-tune the “digital marketing” approach. Ford needed to be able to analyze information on their premium content initiatives in a way that would allow them to make more informed strategic decisions. They have been unable to get this information from their partners, unfortunately. Ford’s sponsored content promotion on social media was prioritized due to research showing that “Ford’s social media” audience is the most responsive to this content type. Ford is better able to develop content that increases sales thanks to the Knotch “Digital Intelligence System”. Aside from its “COVID-19” and internal communications, Ford continues to utilize Knotch to measure its sponsored and owned content in real-time. 

4.0 Operations

For more than a century, “Ford Motor Company” has been responsible for the development, production, distribution, and support of a broad range of Ford vehicles, pickup trucks, and automobiles, including the Ford premium brand. Automotive, Transportation, and “Ford Credit” are the company’s three main divisions. The Automotive business is responsible for developing, producing, distributing, and servicing Ford automobiles (Katiyar, 2021), as well as their components and accessories.  Autonomous vehicle development and allied industries make up the Mobility section. Argo AI, a manufacturer of driverless car systems, and Flip, a “micro-mobility” service provider, are owned by the Company as well. Vehicle-related finance and leasing operations make up the bulk of “Ford Credit’s business”, which is consolidated. Automotive dealers all around the world have access to a wide range of “Ford Credit financing” options. There are “186,000 individuals” working in factories and offices all around the world to power Ford’s success. Anyone may learn more about that international organization by clicking the link provided. Goal: Ford wants to develop worldwide uniformity in strategic decision areas of “operations management”. So much uniformity in items & services is needed to fulfill the One “Ford vision”. Ford’s financial efficiency and capacity to maximize customer pleasure are both enhanced as a result of this circumstance. Operations management’s strategic decision area supports production goals. Assembly-line production, popularized by Ford, is an industry-standard. In addition, Ford is expanding its manufacturing network and “supply chain” with additional facilities. 

5.0 Reflection 

I observed that they are all part of a worldwide family at Ford, and we all share the same values. For more than a century, they have worked tirelessly to improve the lives of people, communities, and the planet via their pioneering efforts in contemporary transportation. As a gateway between individual liberty and the promise of mobility, we’re here to help everyone get where they need and want to go. Every day, our “186,000 colleagues” throughout the world contribute to keeping the process of progress moving forward. I noticed that “Ford Motor Company” is in the business of making, distributing, and selling cars. The company is organized into the following three divisions: “Ford Credit”, “Ford Mobility”, and also “Ford Automotive”. Cars manufactured by Ford and Lincoln are sold and serviced by the Automotive industry. ” Ford Smart Mobility” LLC and Ford Motor Company’s autonomous vehicle division are part of the Mobility segment. On a conglomerate basis, the “Ford Credit” section includes Ford Credit’s automotive finance and leasing businesses. June 16, 1903, was the date when automobile manufacturer “Henry Ford” launched the firm. I also observed that it takes time and data to perfect the “digital marketing” approach. For Ford, it was imperative that they be able to analyze information on their premium content initiatives in order to make better-informed judgments. They would be unable to get this information from their partners, which was a huge disappointment to them. Ford’s blog uses business initiatives, service and product updates, and the rich history of the brand to generate entertaining and original material to boost the public image of the carmaker. The “Ford Bronco” has a lengthy history, and this in-depth look at its evolution and significance in American history is one example of the company’s most recent long-form material on the model. Ford’s blog posts are not transactional, and this piece is no exception. As a substitute, Ford’s marketing strategy is to use compelling storytelling to change their mind about Bronco as a whole.

6.0 Conclusion 

In this report, “digital marketing” and also operations of the company have been evaluated. In order to take advantage of the company’s “digital marketing” and operations, what may be done in this current situation, has been discussed in this report. Vehicles manufactured by “Ford Motor Company” include a variety of pickups and “SUVs” as well as sedans and sports utility vehicles (SUVs). Its business is divided into three parts: “Ford Credit”, “Ford Mobility”, and also “Ford Automobile”. The Automotive division is responsible for developing, producing, distributing, and maintaining “Ford and Lincoln” cars, as well as their components and accessories. As a whole, the Mobility section is focused on Ford’s development of self-driving cars and related companies. When it comes to financing and leasing for automobiles, much of the work done by “Ford Credit” goes into this market. A comprehensive range of automobile financing options is available from “Ford Credit” to and via automotive dealers all around the world. In the automobile industry, “Ford Motor Company” is a household name. Because of this, Ford has increased the manufacture and delivery of branded content, as well as coming up with new and innovative ways to communicate with the audience. For the first time, “Ford” has revealed their “digital marketing strategy”, how it has impacted their business, and how data plays a part in improving and optimizing it.

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