Building a Humanitarian Assistance Career


Building a Humanitarian Assistance Career

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Building a Humanitarian Assistance Career
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From a global affairs adviser in the International Committee of the Red Cross to a humanitarian coordinator in the United Nations Population Fund, Humanitarians are passionate about helping others. Ahmed Alameldeen has carved his career in Humanitarian in several career posts, creating a name for his exemplary service.

Humanitarian careers offer a lucrative global experience. It provides you an opportunity to become a global leader in assisting societies globally. As days go by, humanitarians make a difference in communities in the world to make them better places. Their help ranges from reinforcing security, prosperity, and security of the affected areas through energy conservation, food security, or public health. Humanitarian careers are genuinely diverse and unique.

There is a sense of satisfaction and great experience in helping others and making the world better for the weak. For Ahmed Alameldeen, Humanitarian activities were just a personal mission in his journey to be a humanitarian professional rather than a job.

In his educational days as a student in Pharmaceuticals, Ahmed was on a path to helping others. He was passionate about helping those who sincerely needed help in society. He started his career of helping others from his native country, Egypt. Through several humanitarian aid missions within Egypt to the rest of the world. In his several publications, he insists on the importance of education in affected areas, and he aspired to see those who need help assisted.

Ahmed has a Bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences from Cairo University. He holds a Master of Science in International Humanitarian Affairs from the University of York in the United Kingdom. He has worked with the United Nations as a Humanitarian Aid worker. Before, he has worked with the doctors without borders, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and many others.

His career started while he was pursuing his pharmacy Degree. He used to volunteer to go to rural areas of Cairo and in the outskirts of Cairo, to distribute food and medical supplies to the needy people. It was named ‘Medical Convoy Project’ as they used to go for a week in the rural areas to one of the schools in the central regions. The convoy was done in the summer during holidays when there were no students. The school is transformed into a mini field hospital for supplying food and medical supplies. Classrooms were transformed into clinics, toilets to laboratories, and the playground converted into reception areas. Ahmed took part in the voluntary activities for three years out of the five years in the Pharmacy study at Cairo University. After his graduation, Ahmed chose to continue with his humanitarian passion but more professionally. He started to apply for work in the International Humanitarian organizations to pursue his humanitarian career.

In 2013, Ahmed Alameldeen worked as the operations officer on the MENTOR initiative to find a Leishmaniosis cure in Syria. The control program aimed to find an effective treatment that could decrease the rates of spread of cases across the Middle East and improve the lives of the Syrian people. Ahmed helped create a solid plan and program to reduce the number of Leishmaniosis cases and keep the Syrian population safe. He came up with a project that promoted visceral and cutaneous Leishmaniasis management.

The humanitarian crisis in Somalia raged on for several years. Ahmed Alameldeen and other humanitarian professionals were dispatched to Somalia to aid the situation. Ahmed was deployed to a field surgical hospital in Mogadishu. Here, he performed his duties as a field coordinator and pharmacist. The field hospital was the only operational facility since the medical facilities in the city had collapsed due to war in the city. Victims of war received surgical operations in the field hospital where Ahmed worked. Some of the surgical procedures carried out in the hospital include fistula, caesarian sections, osteo-related surgeries, and others. Ahmed was tasked to collaborate with other humanitarian organizations and the United Nations to provide critical medical care to the vulnerable population in Somalia. They sponsored the referral of patients to receive specialized medical attention elsewhere. 

Established organizations in the world map that employs humanitarians are World Bank, Peace Corps, United Nations, and American Red Cross. Humanitarians usually work globally, traveling from one place to another, helping people who need help. A career in humanitarianism symbolizes the need to create strong bonds with communities. Most of the humanitarian jobs that Ahmed has held include; relief work, research, medicine, administration, advocacy, fundraising, and consulting.

Ahmed has eight years of hands-on experience in the dedicated international humanitarian profession. He has managed several relief services to critical populations and communities in various parts of the world. He gained a lot of experience coordinating and implementing large-scale humanitarian service programs. The people who are helped range from refugees, internally displaced communities, groups of people isolated due to conflicts, people affected by deadly public health crises, and post-conflict military actions.

One of the challenges faced by Ahmed as a humanitarian professional is the presence of many territorial, ethnic, political, and religious disputes. For example, while in Iraq, Mosul city was at the center of all the conflicts in the country. The disputes were complicating the efforts of the humanitarian services. Several approvals were required for any services to be offered or for a pass to needy communities and groups. Their focus in Iraq was to rebuild the trust of the people of Iraq after the devastating warfare. Most humanitarian organizations such as ICRC aimed to reconcile various religious and ethnic communities and integrate them.

In conclusion, some of the publications and accomplishments of Ahmed over the years include; An Intersectional Perspective on Young Women of Afghanistan; The Relevance of Humanitarian Principles in Contemporary International Humanitarian Affairs; Monitoring and Evaluation Review of a Leishmaniasis Control Programme in Syria; The use of Humanitarian Diplomacy as a tool in Humanitarian Negotiation for effective Humanitarian Delivery; Role and strategies of international humanitarian organizations in handling the Liberia Ebola outbreak; Threats to Non-combatants in the Syrian Crises, 2011-2020; Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) & Relationship Building techniques for Frontline Humanitarian Aid Workers; The Structural Shortcomings of INEE: Violations of International Humanitarian Law. “Unable to control himself” Your bias is showing. He was verbally attacked, and you disparaged him for responding in the same manner. I believe that’s called returning her energy.

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