An Essay on the Interpretations of National Socialism



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An Essay on the Interpretations of National Socialism
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 The Third Reich, also known as Third Empire, had intentions to help Germany as a nation affected by the world wars to regain its economic stability and hinder and eradicate the communists upraise, which was against their will by putting various blocks on them.  The Third Reich also intended to help Germany restore its cultural values, which they had significantly undermined during the world war, by creating museums and cultural places where the history of Germany and its cultural values were to be preserved to share with future generations. The agreements of the Treaty of Versailles, which was imposed on Germany, stating that they were the ones who contributed to the world war occurrence, was to be cut off. The terms were the submission of all the colonies belonging to Germany, the return of Lorraine to France, and the limit of not manufacturing its weapons. Finally, they were to create job opportunities for the German citizens who had been rendered jobless due to the disastrous effects of the war and help uplift Germany to its initial state of being among the significant world superpower by helping it regain its lost glory brought by the war.

The Third Empire had various functions. The significant roles were that it successfully eradicated poverty, which was rapidly encroaching Germany via its creation of employment opportunities for its citizens.  This Empire was successful in helping restore the peoples’ anger which contributed to the regaining of its national unity and to cancel the treaty of Versailles, where it went ahead and overthrew its agreements regaining back its limited powers. Furthermore, The Third Reich was to suppress the communists who had begun rapidly carrying out reforms by limiting their rights and imprisoning their activists and helped form the parliamentary republic for the people from where it could form its laws, promoting its expansion. In addition to it helping curb the Jews’ increase in number in their territory by limiting their incoming and deporting some of them, it was also responsible for suppressing the activities of the democrats where its citizens were in support. This suppression helped promote the regime’s growth by ensuring they did the actions of their own will.

In its contribution to the regime’s rise, The Third Reich ensured that it had many seats in parliament that helped it form its own rules, which preferentially supported its interest activities promoting their proliferation. Also, the Third Reich invested in business activities to help it regain its economic stability by promoting the trading activities in the area and urging the business people to do their activities for the nation’s good. The Third Reich contributed to its rise in the regime by re-acquiring its lost territories from where it did collect funds from them to support its activities, and keenly addressing its soldiers towards the importance of being loyal to its nation and by promoting their diligence and regaining their estates, which had been concurred by other countries that could help them regain their income.

 Euthanasia which is the intentional ending of life was a factor in the rise of The Third Reich. It killed all the people with disabilities and killed the Jews to suppress their dominance hence their growth through the mass killings in the various camps established. The regime also rose due to economic instability that paved the path for the Third Reich mainly by its plan. It could help restore its financial stability if it did ascend to power hence its uprise. The rise was due to the massive deportation of the Jews from their nation, reducing their population to one per cent of its state population, entirely suppressing their opposition hence their upsurge in power and growth. Another feature for the success was the financial boost that they used to strategize and build their economy towards economic generating projects.

Several certain factors marked the ultimate collapse of the regime. The first reason was the decrement in supplies which decrease resulted in difficulties over the control of its territories hence its fall. The other factor was the constant deterioration of economic stability, hence the difficulty in funding its programs. This economic suppression resulted in its citizens migrating hence the difficulty in maintaining its unity. Another factor for its fall was the continuous loss of its territories to the only states that reduced their income,  affecting most of its operations and contributing to its fall. Another reason for its failure was the act of Goering and Himmler’s betrayal of Hitter. This reason resulted in the decrease of the regime’s strength, hence its gradual fall. The other factor for its fall was the rise in the cry against their mass killing activities, resulting in the withdrawal of support, hence their collapse. The commitment of suicide by Hitler, who was their leader, rendered them with no leader, therefore their ultimate destruction. Besides these reasons for their failure, there was the imposition fine whereby Germany was required to pay the Jews for all the damage they made them incur, weakening them even further.

Fascist Italy did fail to experience the same level of radicalization because there was the antifascism uproar that vigorously campaigned against the disastrous effect of fascism, where most people opted in to support it hence the limitation. The people’s rebellion after the fascists had lost in a war that significantly undermined fascism’s fascism also failed. After losing in the war, his lieutenants chose to betray their leader, hence the collapse of fascism. Another reason was the industrial workers’ strike that did affect the activities significantly of the fascists. Another reason was the economic hardships that the fascist party was experiencing. The inadequate finance resulted in difficulty in leadership and maintaining the army hence its collapse.

 Conflicts among the educated people who came up with various ideas on what they considered proper, hence the weakening of unity resulting in its collapse, were factors for the failure and the introduction of new belief systems among the people. This belief made some follow another part which reduced the cohesiveness regarding new ideas. The emergence of scientific innovations did hinder the goals of fascism, thus undermining it. Gender inequality where the female ruled, resulting in male oppression, deviated from the government, contributing to its collapse. Finally, the other factor was the ongoing unrest in Ethiopia, where there was a call for nationalism which made most people sideline to it, resulting in the fascist party lacking its supporters hence the collapse of Fascist rule in the region.



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